Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Title: blue pattern wall art
This ia an art deco wall art piece that i as able to come across and it has all the elements of pattern it flows very nice and has a sence of rythm I chose this becasue i loved the colors and pattern the little waveslook like little fans to me and I like that about this piece


Title: Traditional Thai Pattern

I couldnt find that much informatiuon on the traditional thai patternbut Iloved the colors and the design that it makes it catches your eye. I feel that it applied to the elements because of the singles line and the pattern that was put into it.

(Porportion/Scale) Clase Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen

Title: House Ball
Medium: Stainless steel, fiber-reinforced plastic, jute netting, polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride foams; painted with polyester gelcoat
Size: 27 ft. 6 in.
This was created by to famous artists who originally made this piece for a theater production in Berlin.
The giant sculpture is made but all the materials listed and is huge. I feel that this responds to scale and proportion because you would never normally see a giant ball of clothes and other household items. I love it because it is unusual and i like art like that when you take  something so ordinary and make it a work a art.

(Balance) Ilya Zomb

Title: The Art of Balance
Medium: Oil on Linen
Size: 48x54 in.

 Ilya Zomb is a Russian born artist who paints everyday objects and either pairs them together r makes them larger. most of his works are like dream sequences and a lot of them are found in productions of dance, or the act of circus performers. I chose this piece to be applied to balance because its not only balance literally but you can see almost an asymmetrical balance as well to. I found this piece interesting and beautiful it caught my eye right away when I was looking around it really is like a dream its very whimsical. 

(Shape) Aaron Kramer

Title: cork chair
Medium: Corks,plywood and a luan skin
Size: standard house chair

Aaron Kramer is an artist who lives in London and all of his works are made from reclaimed materials
This chair is functional and was created when friens of his gave him a big basket of corks. the chair is made out of all the corks 2500 of them. He makes an outline of a chair with the plywood then glues each one into place.
I felt that this applied to shape bcause its a shape and not just a flat painting it can be used also so I really liked at about the piece as well I also like it because it is visually stunning to look at to.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

(Color) Phil Reyneri

The Gateway was a projection mapped art installation at the Coachella music and arts festival in 2012. The structure of multiple arches was designed by architect Alexis Rochas who is an  architect in Los Angeles and Phil Reyneri was the designer of the custom mapping system effects. He is a visual tech designer who has worked with edm artists and has created many other stunning visual effects. I felt that this applied to color as well as pattern because of the stunning and vibrant colors being projected on to the multiple arches and the different shapes and patters being used as well. I chose the instillation because I loved the way it looked and how the computers effects can be programmed and projected onto the arches so not only is it beautiful to look at in the daytime  it is also very stunning at night.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

(Texture) Debra Hurd

Artist: Debra Hurd
Title: Flowers hydrangeas in a vase stil life 
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Size: 18"x 14"

Debra Hurd studied art at the Southern University in Chattanooga, Tennessee and at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota,Florida For 15 years she was a graphic designer in Florida and in Austin,Texas. She is also an accomplished pianist. 
I feel that this is applied to the elements and principles of texture because of the way it is painted how you can tell that its not a flat painting, that the oil paint was put on not by a brush but by a palate knife.
I chose this piece because of the color that is used and how well they all blend together, and the use of texture that if you were to touch it you could feel how rough it is.